Akamai DataStream 2

Supported OS Linux Windows Mac OS


Akamai DataStream 2 captures performance and security logs for your delivery properties. This integration streams the data in near real-time to Datadog for complete monitoring.



Click Install Integration to enable a preset dashboard for viewing Akamai DataStream 2 logs and metrics.


To configure Akamai DataStream 2 to send logs to Datadog, follow these instructions on the Akamai techdocs site , make sure to set the log source to akamai.datastream and the log format to JSON.

Ensure the logs are being sent to the right datacenter by configuring the correct URL:
US1 http-intake.logs.datadoghq.com/v1/input
US3 http-intake.logs.us3.datadoghq.com/v1/input
US5 http-intake.logs.us5.datadoghq.com/v1/input
EU http-intake.logs.datadoghq.eu/v1/input
AP1 http-intake.logs.ap1.datadoghq.com/v1/input
US1-FED http-intake.logs.ddog-gov.com/v1/input


To validate that this integration is configured properly, search for logs with the source akamai.datastream . You may have to wait a few minutes after configuring the datastream in Akamai before logs are visible in Datadog.

Data Collected


Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any service checks.


Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any events.


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