Akamai DataStream


Connect Datadog with Akamai DataStream to see your CDN health, latency, offload, and error metrics.



Install the integration with the Datadog Akamai integration tile.


Metric collection

First, add an Akamai account:

  1. In the Luna Control Center, go to Configure > Organization > Manage APIs and create a new client with at least “READ-ONLY” access to the “DataStream” API.
  2. Select the newly created API in the “Users and API Clients” list. Under “Credentials”, create a new Client token. Copy the given information to the Datadog Akamai integration tile. Press “Update Configuration”.

Add the list of streams to monitor:

  1. On DataStream (available under Configure > Performance Analytics > DataStream), select a stream with ‘Aggregated metrics’ configured, and copy the ID to the stream list section of the Akamai integration tile.

You can set multiple accounts (or hosts), but make sure to link each stream to an account.

Only streams with the 'Aggregated metrics' type are supported.

Log collection

Log collection is not supported for this site.

Akamai DataStream 1.0 and 2.0 support sending logs to Datadog over HTTP(s) endpoints in a gzip compressed file. To stream logs to Datadog, fill out these fields within Akamai:

  1. Name: Enter a human readable description for the endpoint.

  2. Endpoint: Enter the Datadog endpoint for sending and storing logs: /v1/input.

  3. Tags (optional): Enter a comma-delimited list of tags, such as env:staging,team:web, which can be used to filter and group your logs in Datadog.

  4. Source: Enter the source name as akamai.

  5. Service (Optional): Enter the name of the application or service generating the log events associated with your Datadog account.

  6. API key: Enter your Datadog API key.

  7. Send compressed data (Optional): Select this checkbox to gzip compress the logs sent to the destination.

  8. Validate & Save: Click this to validate the connection to the destination and save the details you provided.

Data Collected


Requests per second
Shown as request
Edge response time
Shown as millisecond
Origin response time
Shown as millisecond
Shown as byte
Cache hits
Shown as request
Cache misses
Shown as request
Requests with HTTP 2xx code (Success)
Shown as request
Requests with HTTP 3xx code (Redirection)
Shown as request
Requests with HTTP 4xx code (Client error)
Shown as request
Requests with HTTP 5xx code (Server error)
Shown as request
Offload rate
Shown as fraction


The Akamai integration does not include any events.

Service Checks

The Akamai integration does not include any service checks.


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