Akamai Application Security


Akamai Application Security

With the Akamai Application Security integration, Datadog can capture security event logs generated from your Akamai security configurations. This integration provide real time visibility and insights into web traffic patterns, enabling quick detection of malicious activity. It also helps identify security threats, such as DDoS attacks, botnet intrusions, and application layer vulnerabilities.

After collecting events, Datadog populates the out-of-the-box Akamai Application Security overview dashboard with insights into attack data security events, threat intel, IP log activity, and rare IP activity.



No installation required.


Log collection

To capture security event logs generated from your Akamai security configuration, create an API client in your Akamai account, and then enter the generated credentials in the Akamai integration tile in Datadog.

Creating an API client on Akamai

  1. Sign in to your Akamai account.
  2. Search for Identity and Access Management.
  3. Click Create API Client.
  4. Under Select APIs, search for SIEM and provide READ-ONLY access.
  5. Under Select groups, assign Manage SIEM to the group associated with your security policy.
  6. After creating the API client, click Create credential to generate your set of credentials.

Getting the config IDs for your account

  1. Once logged in, navigate to Security Configurations.
  2. From the list of security configurations, select the configuration you want to get logs from.
  3. The config ID for the selected configuration is found in the URL. The URL is in the format: http\://control.akamai.com/apps/security-config/#/next/configs/**CONFIG_ID**.
  4. Under your account, click Add New and enter the config ID that was found in the previous step.

Data Collected


The Akamai integration does not include any metrics.


The Akamai integration collects logs from your Akamai account’s security events. Due to limitations on Akamai’s APIs, Datadog can only collect up to the past 12 hours of historical events.


The Akamai integration does not include any events.

Service Checks


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