SAP S/4HANA & NetWeaver

Supported OS Linux



The SAP NetWeaver integration monitors ABAP and J2EE stacks of the SAP NetWeaver and S/4HANA application platforms.

Using remote agentless connection and preconfigured monitoring templates, this integration can go live in just a few minutes.

Monitoring is powered by AGENTIL Software’s Pro.Monitor platform. It is configured out-of-the-box to cover the most relevant modules and transactions of your SAP systems: shortdumps, SAP jobs, transaction response times, work processes, and more.

This integration collects and analyzes data from systems in real time and produces metrics and actionable events. You can finely tune the alerts by configuring Pro.Monitor and create Datadog monitors directly on the metrics.

Monitored modules

  • ABAP instance memory
  • ABAP instance response time
  • ABAP locks
  • ABAP parameters
  • ABAP shortdumps
  • Application logs
  • Batch inputs
  • Certificates
  • Custom CCMS monitoring
  • Database backups
  • Database size
  • DB exclusive locks
  • Dispatcher queues
  • ICM status and usage
  • IDOC exchange monitoring
  • Instances availability
  • Number ranges
  • PI/XI messages ABAP
  • Process chains monitoring
  • Real time data
  • RFC destinations availability
  • SAP buffers
  • SAP clients change settings
  • SAPconnect (SCOT/SOST)
  • SAP jobs monitoring
  • SAP transaction times
  • SAP transports
  • SAP users
  • Spools
  • System logs
  • Update requests
  • Update service
  • Work processes


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This product is engineered and developed in Geneva, Switzerland.

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