Supported OS Linux



The SAP HANA integration monitors SAP HANA in memory database systems. A system can host several database schemas and can be deployed on multiple nodes.

Using remote agentless connection and preconfigured monitoring templates, this integration can go live in just a few minutes.

Monitoring is powered by AGENTIL Software’s Pro.Monitor platform. It is configured out-of-the-box to cover the most relevant KPIs of your database, including backups, transactions, service resources, table growth. and more.

This integration collects and analyzes data from systems in real time and sends metrics and events to Datadog. You can fine tune the alerts by configuring Pro.Monitor and creating Datadog monitors directly on the metrics.

Unlike with agent-based solutions, all monitoring configuration of this platform is centralized in a single location, eliminating the need to modify or install anything on the monitored systems.

Monitored modules

  • HANA nodes
  • Alerts
  • Backups
  • Service CPU
  • Service memory
  • Service disk
  • Blocked transactions
  • Connections
  • Threads
  • Replication status
  • Replication statistics
  • Table size (records, merge size, disk size)
  • Custom SQL requests
  • On demand monitors


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This product is engineered and developed in Geneva, Switzerland.

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