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Adobe Experience Manager

Supported OS: Linux Mac OS Windows


Collect Adobe Experience Manager logs to track errors, request response time, and track badly performing web pages.



Install the agent on the instance that runs Adobe Experience Manager.

Log Collection

Available for Agent version >6.0

  • Collecting logs is disabled by default in the Datadog Agent. Enable it in your datadog.yaml file with:
logs_enabled: true
  • Create adobe.experience.manager.d/conf.yaml in your conf.d directory and add the configuration below to start collecting your logs:
  - type: file
    path: cq-installation-dir/crx-quickstart/logs/*.log
    service: <MY_APPLICATION>
    source: adobe.experience.manager
  • Change the path and service parameter values and configure them for your environment.

  • Finally, restart the Agent.


Need help? Contact Datadog support.

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