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When I query can I use wildcards in metric names and events?

Wildcards are supported in Event monitors and Events overlay.

For metrics, Datadog offers a tagging system which is intended for graphing and scaling many instances of a metric. Instead of having specific metric names, create more general ones to take advantage of key:value pairs. This creates different instances of a metric reporting with specific tags.

Here’s an example using web_page_visitors as the metric name. Many tags can be associated with different instances of the metric:

  • page:home
  • page:info
  • page:contact
  • page:signup

Then, to graph the number of web page visitors, there are a variety of possible queries:

  • "q": "avg:web_page_visitors{*}" -> graph the average across all instances/pages.
  • "q": "sum:web_page_visitors{*}" -> graph the sum across all instances.
  • "q": "web_page_visitors{*} by {page}" -> graph the number of visitors, with a separate line for each page.
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