Datadog Sites

Datadog offers different sites throughout the world. Each site is completely independent, and you cannot share data across sites. Each site gives you benefits (for example, government security regulations) or allows you to store your data in specific locations around the world.

SiteSite URLLocation

How do I tell which Datadog site I am on?

You can identify which site you are on by matching your Datadog website URL to the site URL in the table above.

Image of the site URL in your browser

Since the Datadog sites may support different Datadog functionalities depending on that instance’s security requirements, this documentation website allows you to select which site you need information for by using the dropdown site selector that is on the right side of all of the documentation pages.

Image of the site selector on a documentation page

The Datadog for Government site

The Datadog for Government site (US1-FED) is meant to allow US government agencies and partners to monitor their applications and infrastructure. For information about the Datadog for Government site’s security and compliance controls and frameworks, as well as how it supports FedRAMP, see the security page.