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What is Datadog?

Datadog is an observability platform that supports every phase of software development on any stack. The platform consists of many products that help you build, test, monitor, debug, optimize, and secure your software. These products can be used individually or combined into a customized solution.

The table below lists a few examples of Datadog products:

CategoryProduct examples


  • Facilitate a remote pair-programming session with CoScreen.
  • Highlight code vulnerabilities in your text editor or on GitHub with Code Analysis.


  • Block faulty code from deploying to production with Quality Gates.
  • Simulate users around the globe to test your web app, API, or mobile application with Synthetic Monitoring.




Additionally, hundreds of integrations allow you to layer Datadog features over the technologies you already use. For example, the AWS integration collects logs, events, and metrics from more than 90 AWS services.

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The Datadog Learning Center offers hands-on experience with the Datadog platform. The Getting Started courses cover observability practices, key Datadog concepts, and more.

For the fastest introduction to navigating Datadog, try the Quick Start course.

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