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OpenTracing support is based on a deprecated specification. If you want to instrument your code with an open spec, use OpenTelemetry instead. Try the beta support for processing data from OpenTelemetry instrumentation in Datadog Tracing Libraries.

OpenTracing support is included in the dd-trace package.

const tracer = require('dd-trace').init()
const opentracing = require('opentracing')


Use the tracer like in any other OpenTracing application.

The following tags are available to override Datadog specific options:

  • service.name: The service name to be used for the span. The service name from the tracer will be used if this is not provided.
  • resource.name: The resource name to be used for the span. The operation name will be used if this is not provided.
  • span.type: The span type to be used for the span. Will fallback to custom if not provided.

See opentracing.io for OpenTracing Node.js usage.