PHP Compatibility Requirements
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PHP Compatibility Requirements

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The PHP Datadog Trace library is open source - view the Github repository for more information.

PHP APM supports the following PHP versions:

VersionSupport type
8.0.xFully Supported (as of 0.52.0)
7.4.xFully Supported
7.3.xFully Supported
7.2.xFully Supported
7.1.xFully Supported
7.0.xFully Supported
5.6.xFully Supported
5.5.xFully Supported (as of 0.49.0)
5.4.xFully Supported

PHP APM supports the following SAPI’s:

SAPISupport type
apache2handlerFully Supported
cliFully Supported
fpm-fcgiFully Supported
cgi-fcgiFully Supported


Web Framework Compatibility

By default, Datadog supports all PHP web frameworks out of the box, which allows you to see traces for spans of supported libraries—for example: database and HTTP clients.

The following table enumerates some of the frameworks and versions Datadog successfully traces.

Web frameworks:

ModuleVersionsSupport Type
CakePHP2.xAll supported PHP versions
CodeIgniter2.x, 3.xPHP 7+
Laravel4.2, 5.x, 6.xAll supported PHP versions
Laravel 88.x (as of 0.52.0)All supported PHP versions
Lumen5.2+All supported PHP versions
Symfony 33.3, 3.4All supported PHP versions
Symfony 44.xAll supported PHP versions
Symfony 55.x (as of 0.50.0)All supported PHP versions
WordPress4.x, 5.xPHP 7+
Zend Framework1.12All supported PHP versions
Yii1.1, 2.0All supported PHP versions
DrupalAll supported PHP versions
Magento1, 2All supported PHP versions
Phalcon1.3, 3.4All supported PHP versions
Slim2.x, 3.x, 4.xAll supported PHP versions
Neos Flow1.1All supported PHP versions
FuelPHP1.1PHP 7+

Note that even if you don’t see your web framework in this list, it is supported out of the box with the latest release of the tracer.

Datadog is continuously adding more support for in-depth tracing for PHP web-frameworks. To request support for additional span metadata and framework internals, contact our awesome support team.

CLI Library Compatibility

Tracing from the CLI SAPI is disabled by default. To enable tracing of PHP CLI scripts, set DD_TRACE_CLI_ENABLED=true.

ModuleVersionsSupport Type
CakePHP Console2.xFully Supported
Laravel Artisan5.xFully Supported
Symfony ConsoleComing Soon

To request support for additional CLI libraries, contact our awesome support team.

Datastore Compatibility

ModuleVersionsSupport Type
Amazon RDS (using PDO or MySQLi)(Any Supported PHP)Fully Supported
Elasticsearch1.xFully Supported
EloquentLaravel supported versionsFully Supported
Memcached(Any Supported PHP)Fully Supported
MongoDB - via mongo extension1.4.xFully Supported
MongoDB - via mongodb extension(Any Supported PHP)Coming Soon
MySQLi(Any Supported PHP)Fully Supported
PDO (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)(Any Supported PHP)Fully Supported
PhpRedis3, 4, 5Fully Supported
Predis1.1Fully Supported
AWS CouchbaseAWS PHP SDK 3Coming Soon
AWS DynamoDBAWS PHP SDK 3Coming Soon
AWS ElastiCacheAWS PHP SDK 3Coming Soon
Doctrine ORM2Coming Soon
ODBC(Any Supported PHP)Coming Soon
Solarium4.2Coming Soon

To request support for additional datastores, contact our awesome support team.

Library Compatibility

ModuleVersionsSupport Type
Curl(Any Supported PHP)Fully Supported
Guzzle5.xFully Supported
Guzzle6.xFully Supported
BeanstalkdComing Soon
ReactPHPComing Soon

To request support for additional libraries, contact our awesome support team.

Deep call stacks on PHP 5

The call stack is limited on PHP 5. See the deep call stack troubleshooting page for more details.


Instrumenting generators is not supported on PHP 5 and PHP 7.

Further Reading

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