Using Integrations with Service Catalog

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PagerDuty integration

You can add PagerDuty metadata to a service so that Service Catalog displays and links to information such as who is on-call and whether there are active PagerDuty incidents for the service.


You can connect any service in your PagerDuty Service Directory. You can map one PagerDuty service for each service in Service Catalog.

  1. If you have not already done so, set up the Datadog PagerDuty integration.

  2. Get your PagerDuty API access key as described in their API Access Key documentation.

  3. Follow the integration configuration instructions to finish configuring it.

  4. Update the service definition with the PagerDuty information. For example, pass in the following integrations configuration lines within the full service definition:


IDE integrations

Datadog provides a JSON Schema for service definitions so that when you are editing a service definition in a supporting IDE, features such as autocomplete and validation are provided.

The JSON schema for Datadog service definitions is registered with the open source Schema Store.