Reserved Attributes

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Attributes are used for facets and tags, which are then used to filter and search in the Events Explorer.

List of reserved attributes

This list describes automatically ingested reserved attributes with events.

hostThe name of the originating host as defined in metrics. Datadog automatically retrieves corresponding host tags from the matching host in Datadog and applies them to your events. The Agent sets this value automatically.
sourceThis corresponds to the integration name, or the technology from which the event originated. When it matches an integration name, Datadog automatically installs the corresponding parsers and facets. For example: nginx, postgresql, and more.
statusThis corresponds to the level or severity of an event.
serviceThe name of the application or service generating the events.
messageBy default, Datadog ingests the value of the message attribute as the body of the event entry.

To search a tag that has the same key as a reserved attribute, use the tags search syntax. Example: tags:("status:<status>")

To create a facet on a tag that has the same key as a reserved attribute:

  1. Use the Remapper processor to remap the tag to another tag or attribute.
  2. Create a facet on the new tag/attribute.

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