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Event Analytics extends the Events Explorer page with views, data aggregation, and grouping capabilities for troubleshooting and monitoring. You can control:

  • The query that filters the set of views to analyze.
  • The dimensions over which to group data.
  • The visualization method for aggregates and groups.

You can export analytics visualizations to create widgets in a dashboard or notebook.

Build an analytics query

Use the query to control what’s displayed in your Events Analytics:

  1. Choose an attribute or tag to graph, and add it as a facet. Graphing a facet displays the unique count of the variable.
    Shows the list of facets that can be graphed.
  2. Use a facet to group your graph by. You must add an attribute as a facet to be able to use it here.
    Shows the list of facets that you can group data by.
  3. Choose the time interval for your graph. Changing the global timeframe changes the list of available timestep values. You can display the results as a timeseries, table, or top list.
    Shows the list of possible time intervals, including the default, 5 seconds.
  4. Choose to display either the top or bottom values according to the selected measure.
    Choose to display the values from the top or from the bottom.