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Create user-defined entries

To manage your own components that are not currently emitting performance metrics through APM, USM, or RUM products with Datadog Service Catalog, you can either manually add them by creating Service Definitions through the API or GitHub integration or import them from existing sources like ServiceNow or Backstage. These services are by default not associated with any Datadog telemetry, but you can link telemetries from Datadog or external sources manually using service.datadog.yaml files.

To create a user-defined service, name your service in the dd-service field in a service.datadog.yaml file at the root of the repository, using one of the supported metadata schema versions. For example:



schema-version: v2.2
dd-service: my-unmonitored-cron-job
team: e-commerce
lifecycle: production
application: shopping-app
description: important cron job for shopist backend
tier: "2"
type: web
 - type: slack
   contact: https://datadogincidents.slack.com/archives/XXXXX
 - name: Common Operations
   type: runbook
   url: https://datadoghq.atlassian.net/wiki/
 - name: Disabling Deployments
   type: runbook
   url: https://datadoghq.atlassian.net/wiki/
tags: []
   service-url: https://datadog.pagerduty.com/service-directory/XXXXXXX
External Resources (Optional)

You can register multiple services in one YAML file by separating each definition with three dashes (---).

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