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Possible Privilege Escalation via AWS IAM CreateLoginProfile






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Detect a user attempting to create a password for a specified IAM user.


This rule allows you to monitor CloudTrail and detect if an attacker has attempted to create a password for an IAM user using the CreateLoginProfile API call.

Triage and response

  1. Determine if {{@userIdentity.session_name}} should have made a {{@evt.name}} API call.
  2. If the API call was not made by the user:
  • Rotate user credentials.
  • Determine what other API calls were made by the user.
  • Remove any passwords generated by the user with the aws-cli command delete-login-profile or use the AWS Console.
  1. If the API call was made by the user:
  • Determine if the user should be performing this API call.
  • If No, see if other API calls were made by the user and determine if they warrant further investigation.