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Potential Illicit Consent Grant attack via Azure registered application






Set up the azure integration.

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Detects when a user grants an application consent to access their data. An adversary may create an Azure-registered application to access data such as contact information, emails, or documents.


Monitor Azure AD Audit logs for the following @evt.name:

  • Consent to application

Monitor Microsoft 365 Audit logs for the following @evt.name:

  • Consent to application.

Because these are thirty-party applications external to the organization, normal remediation steps like resetting passwords for breached accounts or requiring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on accounts are not effective against this type of attack.

Triage and response

  1. See the official Microsoft playbook on responding to a potential Illicit Consent Grant.
  2. If the activity is benign:
    • Use the linked blog post in the suggested actions panel to tune out false positives.