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Spring RCE post-exploitation activity attempted





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This rule detects attempted post-exploitation activity of CVE-2022-22965 with an HTTP GET parameter.


This rule looks for @http.url_details.path = <RANDOM_FILE_NAME>.jsp, @http.url_details.queryString.pwd = *, and @http.url_details.queryString.cmd = <RANDOM_CMD_EXECUTION>. If found, it indicates web shell activity observed with successful Spring RCE exploitation.

Triage and response

Check your host to see if the {{@http.url_details.queryString.cmd}} command ran successfully. If so,

  • Refer to your company’s Incident Response process since this is detection post-exploitation activity.
  • Refer to the vendor’s advisory for remediation of this Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability.


  • 06 June 2022 - The severity has been lowered due to rule fidelity on just log telemetry.
  • 31 March 2022 - Rule added in response to CVE-2022-22965