Okta one-time refresh token reused





Set up the okta integration.

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Detect when an Okta refresh token is reused.


This rule lets you monitor the following Okta events when token reuse is detected:

  • app.oauth2.token.detect_reuse
  • app.oauth2.as.token.detect_reuse

An attacker that has access to a refresh token could query the organization’s authorization server /token endpoint to obtain additional access tokens. The additional access tokens potentially allow the attacker to get unauthorized access to applications.

Triage and response

  1. Determine if the source IP {{@network.client.ip}} is anomalous within the organization:
    • Does threat intelligence indicate that this IP has been associated with malicious activity?
    • Is the geo-location or ASN uncommon for the organization?
    • Has the IP created a app.oauth2.token.detect_reuse or app.oauth2.as.token.detect_reuse event previously?
  2. If the token reuse event has been determined to be malicious, carry out the following actions:
    • Revoke compromised tokens.
    • Recycle the credentials of any impacted clients.
    • Begin your company’s incident response process and investigate.