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AWS EC2 instance involved in brute force attack






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Detect Brute Force Attacks


Leverage GuardDuty and detect when an attacker is performing a brute force attack. The following are GuardDuty findings trigger this signal:

Triage and response

  1. Inspect the role of the EC2 instance in the attack. Find the role in the signal name - either ACTOR or TARGET.
    • If you are the TARGET and the instance is available on the internet, expect to see IPs scanning your systems.
    • If you are the TARGET and the instance is not available on the internet, this means a host on your internal network is scanning your EC2 instance. Open an investigation.
    • If you are the ACTOR, this means that your instance is performing brute force attacks on other systems. Open an investigation.


1 November 2022 - Updated links.