An AWS S3 bucket lifecycle policy expiration is set to < 90 days

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Detect when an S3 bucket has a lifecycle configuration set with an expiration policy of less than 90 days.


Look for @requestParameters.LifecycleConfiguration.Rule.Expiration.Days:<90 in your Cloudtrail logs.

NOTE: This rule should be set to logs that this policy applies to. The @requestParameters.LifecycleConfiguration.Rule.Expiration.Days key path must be set as a measure to do a query.

Triage & response

  1. Determine if {{}} should have occurred on the {{@requestParameters.bucketName}} by username: {{@userIdentity.sessionContext.sessionIssuer.userName}}, accountId: {{@userIdentity.accountId}} of type: {{@userIdentity.assumed_role}} and that the {{@requestParameters.bucketName}} bucket should have a file expiration of less than 90 days.
  2. If {{@requestParameters.bucketName}} is equal to {{@aws.s3.bucket}}, the CloudTrail bucket, consider escalating to higher severity and investigating further.