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Check if Datadog SDK is properly initialized

After you configure Datadog SDK and run the app for the first time, check your debugger console in Xcode. The SDK implements several consistency checks and outputs relevant warnings if something is misconfigured.


When writing your application, you can enable development logs by setting the verbosityLevel value. Relevant messages from the SDK with a priority equal to or higher than the provided level are output to the debugger console in Xcode:

Datadog.verbosityLevel = .debug

If all goes well you should see output similar to this saying that a batch of RUM data was properly uploaded:

[DATADOG SDK] 🐶 → 17:23:09.849 [DEBUG] ⏳ (rum) Uploading batch...
[DATADOG SDK] 🐶 → 17:23:10.972 [DEBUG]    → (rum) accepted, won't be retransmitted: success

Recommendation: Use Datadog.verbosityLevel in DEBUG configuration, and unset it in RELEASE.

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