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Real User Monitoring offers Mobile Vitals, a set of metrics that can help compute insights about your mobile application’s responsiveness, stability, and resource consumption. Mobile Vitals range from poor, moderate, to good.

Mobile Vitals appear in your application’s Overview tab and in the side panel under Performance > Event Timings and Mobile Vitals when you click on an individual view in the RUM Explorer. Click on a graph in Mobile Vitals to apply a filter by version or examine filtered sessions.

Mobile Vitals in the Performance Tab

Understand your application’s overall health and performance with the line graphs displaying metrics across various application versions. To filter on application version or see specific sessions and views, click on a graph.

Event Timings and Mobile Vitals in the RUM Explorer

You can also select a view in the RUM Explorer and observe recommended benchmark ranges that directly correlate to your application’s user experience in the session. Click on a metric such as Refresh Rate Average and click Search Views With Poor Performance to apply a filter in your search query and examine additional views.

Most Flutter mobile vitals are powered by native Datadog iOS and Android SDKs for RUM.

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