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Missing profiles in the profile search page

If you’ve configured the profiler and don’t see profiles in the profile search page, run the phpinfo() function. The profiler hooks into phpinfo() to run diagnostics. If the webserver is having problems, run phpinfo() from the webserver and not from the command line as each Server API (SAPI) can be configured independently.

Open a support ticket with the following information:

  • Operating system type and version (for example, Linux Ubuntu 20.04)
  • The output from phpinfo(), which includes PHP version, SAPI type, Datadog library versions, and the profiler diagnostics.

Reduce overhead from default setup

If the default overhead is not acceptable, you can disable some of the sample types the profiler gathers by changing the following INI settings:

  • datadog.profiling.allocation_enabled: controls allocation profiling
  • datadog.profiling.experimental_cpu_time_enabled: controls CPU-Time samples
  • datadog.profiling.exception_enabled: controls exception profiling

Disabling those sample types will leave you with only wall time samples being collected.

See the configuration docs for other INI settings and their corresponding environment variables.

Exceptions overwhelming the profiler

The Datadog exception profiler has a small footprint and overhead under normal conditions. If a lot of exceptions are created and thrown, it can cause significant overhead for the profiler. This can happen when you use exceptions for control flow.

If you have an unusually high exception rate, you can either turn of exception profiling by setting datadog.profiling.exception_enabled to 0 or you can change the sampling distance via the datadog.profiling.exception_sampling_distance INI setting (default 100) to a higher value. The higher the sampling distance, the fewer samples are created and the lower the overhead.

See the configuration docs for the documentation on the exception sampling distance.

Further Reading

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