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If you experience unexpected behavior using OpenTelemetry with Datadog, this guide may help you resolve the issue. If you continue to have trouble, contact Datadog Support for further assistance.

Different Kubernetes hostname and node name

When deploying in Kubernetes, if the hostname reported by Datadog does not match the expected node name, this is typically the result of missing k8s.node.name (and optionally k8s.cluster.name) tags.

To troubleshoot, make sure your application deployment and Collector are configured correctly.

Configure the k8s.pod.ip attribute for your application deployment:

  - name: MY_POD_IP
        apiVersion: v1
        fieldPath: status.podIP
    value: k8s.pod.ip=$(MY_POD_IP)

Enable the k8sattributes processor in your Collector:

  - k8sattributes

Unexpected hostnames with AWS Fargate deployment

In AWS Fargate environments, an incorrect hostname might be reported for traces.

To troubleshoot, make sure to use the resourcedetection processor in your Collector configuration and enable the ecs detector.

    detectors: [env, ecs]
    timeout: 2s
    override: false

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