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Trace Analytics Monitors

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Trace Search & Analytics enables you to search, filter, and aggregate APM data based on the APM events running through your system and based on tags that you create. Trace Analytics monitoring allows you to set up custom monitors based on this data. Use these monitors to visualize the data over time and to set up alerts based on APM events - for example, if there is a spike in slow requests or anything else you can use APM events to track.

Creating a Trace Analytics Monitor

  1. To create a new monitor, hover over Monitors in the main menu and click New Monitor in the sub-menu. To create a monitor programmatically, see the Datadog API or community maintained libraries.
  2. On the new monitor page, select APM monitor.
  3. Select Trace Analytics and then define your trace search query:
  4. Set your alert conditions.
  5. Name and describe your monitor.
  6. Configure your notification options: See the Notifications page for detailed options.

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