Skykit Digital Signage

Supported OS Linux Windows

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What is Skykit

Skykit is a leading digital signage and workplace experience solution provider. We offer a comprehensive content management system that allows you to bring your real-time Datadog dashboards to your TVs, screens, or digital displays.

Connecting Datadog Dashboards to Skykit

Unlock the power of your data by sharing it across digital signage throughout your offices. When you connect your Datadog dashboards to Skykit Beam, our easy-to-use digital signage CMS, your dashboards are displayed quickly, securely and easily on the screens you choose. Simply connect the Skykit-provided media player (1 free device during trial period) to your display, log into our CMS and securely add your Datadog dashboard to a program.

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Skykit offers support online at For support specifically on how to connect your Datadog dashboard to Skykit Beam, visit Getting Started with Skykit Beam and Datadog Dashboards.

For additional support questions or for organizations outside of North America, connect directly with us at

This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.