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IsDown is a status page aggregator and outage monitoring tool that helps businesses monitor their dependencies. Using IsDown, provide your team with real-time monitoring and instant notifications for outages in all your tools and cloud providers. IsDown monitors more than 3100 status pages.

Through the out-of-the-box integration, you can receive alerts from third-party dependencies in Datadog, monitor business critical services, and understand the frequency of outages all within the out-of-the-box dashboard.

All-in-one monitoring

Monitor all official status pages and your own services in Datadog, streamlining the process and keeping your team updated in real-time on essential service health.

Instant outage alerts

IsDown instantly alerts when there is an outage, enabling quicker response times and reducing the downtime’s impact on your business operations.

Customizable monitoring

Monitor only the vital services and components of third party dependencies, ensuring you receive relevant outage notifications and avoid unneeded alerts.

10 minute setup

Seamlessly integrate with Datadog. Choose the services to monitor, connect to Datadog, and immediately have access to all your cloud providers’ statuses and outages.

Check out the IsDown Datadog integration for more information.


For support or feature requests, contact IsDown through any of the following channels:

This application is made available through the Marketplace and is supported by a Datadog Technology Partner. Click Here to purchase this application.