Akamai DataStream 2

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Akamai DataStream 2 captures performance, security, and CDN health logs for your properties on the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform. This integration streams the data in near real-time to Datadog.

You can use Akamai DataStream 2 logs to gain insight into long term trends, resolve performance and security issues, and monitor high-throughput data delivery streams. See the DataStream 2 documentation for further details and use cases.



Click Install Integration to enable a preset dashboard for viewing Akamai DataStream 2 logs and metrics.


To configure Akamai DataStream 2 to send logs to Datadog, follow these instructions on the Akamai techdocs site, make sure to set the log source to akamai.datastream and the log format to JSON.

Ensure that you have the Datadog Site selector on the right of the page set to your Datadog Site, and copy the logs endpoint URL below:



To validate that this integration is configured properly, search for logs with the source akamai.datastream. You may have to wait a few minutes after configuring the datastream in Akamai before logs are visible in Datadog.

Data Collected


Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any metrics.

Service Checks

Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any service checks.


Akamai DataStream 2 does not include any events.


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