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You can send custom pipelines through HTTP using the public API endpoint. For more information about how pipeline executions are modeled, see Pipeline Data Model and Execution Types.


Pipeline VisibilityPlatformDefinition
Custom tags and measures at runtimeCustom tags and measures at runtimeConfigure custom tags and measures at runtime.
Manual stepsManual stepsView manually triggered pipelines.
ParametersParametersSet custom parameters when a pipeline is triggered.
Partial retriesPartial pipelinesView partially retried pipeline executions.
Pipeline failure reasonsPipeline failure reasonsIdentify pipeline failure reasons from error messages.
Queue timeQueue timeView the amount of time pipeline jobs sit in the queue before processing.

Visualize pipeline data in Datadog

The CI Pipeline List and Executions pages populate with data after the pipelines are accepted for processing.

The CI Pipeline List page shows data for only the default branch of each repository.

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