check function names for wording issues

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ID: python-inclusive/function-definition

Language: Python

Severity: Notice

Category: Code Style


Ensure that some words are not used in the codebase and suggest replacement when appropriate.

Examples of replacement suggestions:

  • blacklist with denylist
  • whitelist with allowlist
  • master with primary
  • slave with secondary

Non-Compliant Code Examples

# blacklist located at the end of the string
def foo_blacklist():
# Do not use the name blacklist, even if casing is mixed
def BlaCKliSt_NaMeS():

def wHiTeLisT_NaMeS():
# blacklist at the beginning of the function name
def blacklist_names():
# wrong identifier in the function name and parameters
def blacklist_names(master, slave):

Compliant Code Examples

def foo_denylist():
    pass jetbrains

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