SaaS Cost Integrations

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SaaS Cost Integrations allow you to send cost data directly from your providers, with a one time set up. If your provider is not supported, you can use Custom Costs to upload any cost data source to Datadog and understand the total cost of your services.

Configure SaaS Cost Integrations

To use SaaS Cost Integrations, you must configure Cloud Cost Management for either AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Navigate to Infrastructure > Cloud Costs > Settings > Accounts and click on the provider you want to integrate.

Integrate with Fastly, Confluent, or Snowflake.
  1. Create an API token with at least the "global:read" scope and "Billing" role on the Personal API tokens page.
  2. Then, click Add Account on the page to integrate it with Datadog.
Integrate with Fastly.
  1. Create or acquire an API key with the organizational admin role.
  2. Then, click Add Account on the page to integrate it with Datadog.
Integrate with Confluent.
  1. Create a Datadog specific role and user to monitor Snowflake. In Snowflake, run the following to create a custom role.

    -- Create a new role intended to monitor Snowflake usage.
    create role DATADOG;
    -- Grant privileges on the SNOWFLAKE database to the new role.
    grant imported privileges on database SNOWFLAKE to role DATADOG;
    -- Grant usage to your default warehouse to the role DATADOG.
    grant usage on warehouse <WAREHOUSE> to role DATADOG;
    -- If you have cost usage collection enabled, ensure that your credentials have permission to view the ORGANIZATION_USAGE schema.
    grant role orgadmin to role DATADOG
    -- Create a user.
    create user DATADOG_USER
    password = <PASSWORD>
    default_warehouse = <WAREHOUSE>
    default_role = DATADOG
    -- Grant the monitor role to the user.
    grant role DATADOG to user <USER>
  2. Configure the key-value pair authentication.

  3. Then, click Add Account on the page to integrate it with Datadog.

Integrate with Snowflake.

Cost data appears after 24 hours.

Cost metric types

For more information, see the Custom Costs documentation.

Use SaaS Cost Integration data

You can view cost data on the Cloud Costs Analytics page, the Cloud Costs Tag Explorer, and in dashboards, notebooks, or monitors. You can also combine these cost metrics with other cloud cost metrics or observability metrics.

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