Autodiscovery Troubleshooting
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Autodiscovery Troubleshooting

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To start troubleshooting the Docker Agent Autodiscovery, run the configcheck init script command:

docker exec -it <AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> agent configcheck -v

Note: The -v option allows you to see all templates including the one that are unresolved.

For example, the following example is a valid Autodiscovery configuration for a Redis template being loaded from a Docker label annotation—not the default redisdb.d/auto_conf.yaml file:

# docker exec -it <AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> agent configcheck -v
=== Provider: Docker container labels ===

--- redisdb check ---
Instance 1:
port: "6379"
- short_image:redis
- image_tag:latest
- docker_image:redis:latest
- image_name:redis
Auto-discovery IDs:
* docker://81e66fd4c948a502b4428417d8cf2ebc58caaff55a6e5879a41887057342aec2

The following examples show issues that could appear when failing to load a valid Autodiscovery configuration for a Redis template:

# docker exec -it <AGENT_CONTAINER_NAME> agent configcheck -v
=== Resolve warnings ===

* No service found with this AD identifier: redis
* Can't resolve the template for redisdb at this moment.

=== Unresolved Configs ===

Auto-discovery IDs: redis
- host: '%%host%%'
  port: '%%port%%'

If you’re still unsure about the issue, reach out to the Datadog support team with a flare from your Agent.

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