Autodiscovery Template Variables

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Use the following template variables when configuring Autodiscovery in order to dynamically assign your container’s values:

Template VariableDescription
"%%host%%"Auto-detects the network. For single-network containers, it returns its corresponding IP.
"%%host_<NETWORK NAME>%%"Specifies the network name to use, when attached to multiple networks.
"%%port%%"Uses the highest exposed port sorted numerically and in ascending order,
For example, it would return 8443 for a container that exposes ports 80, 443, and 8443.
"%%port_<NUMBER_X>%%"Uses the <NUMBER_X> port sorted numerically and in ascending order,
For example, if a container exposes ports 80, 443, and 8443, "%%port_0%% refers to port 80, "%%port_1%%" refers to 443.
"%%port_<NAME>%%"Uses the port associated with the port name <NAME>.
"%%pid%%"Retrieves the container process ID as returned by docker inspect --format '{{.State.Pid}}' <CONTAINER_NAME>.
"%%hostname%%"Retrieves the hostname value from the container configuration. Only use it if the "%%host%%" variable cannot fetch a reliable IP (example: ECS awsvpc mode).
"%%env_<ENV_VAR>%%"Uses the contents of the $<ENV_VAR> environment variable as seen by the Agent process.
"%%kube_namespace%%"Auto-detects the Kubernetes namespace
"%%kube_pod_name%%"Auto-detects the Kubernetes pod name
"%%kube_pod_uid%%"Auto-detects the Kubernetes pod UID

Fall back:

  • For the "%%host%%" template variable: in case the Agent is not able to find it, this template variable falls back to the bridge network IP.
  • For the "%%host_<NETWORK NAME>%%": if the <NETWORK_NAME> specified was not found this template variable behaves like "%%host%%".

Depending on your platform, not all template variables are supported:

PlatformAuto-discovery identifiersHostPortTagPidEnvHostnameKube NamespacePod NamePod UID
ECS Fargate

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