Process collection with Agent v5

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Standard Agent configuration

Live Processes is available in Datadog Agent version 5.16.0 and above. See the instructions for standard Agent installation for platform-specific details.

Note: Live Processes is not available for the source install method of the Agent.

Once the Datadog Agent is installed, enable Live Processes collection by editing the configuration file at:


and adding the following line to the [Main] section:

    process_agent_enabled: true

After configuration is complete, restart the Agent. Note: To collect container information in the standard install, the dd-agent user needs to have permissions to access docker.sock.

Docker container

Update to Datadog Agent image version 5.16.0 or above:

$ docker pull

Follow the instructions for docker-dd-agent, passing in the following attributes, in addition to any other custom settings as appropriate:

-v /etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro

Kubernetes DaemonSet

In the dd-agent.yaml manifest used to create the DaemonSet, add the following environment variables, volume mount, and volume:

      value: "true"
    - name: passwd
      mountPath: /etc/passwd
      readOnly: true
    - hostPath:
        path: /etc/passwd
      name: passwd

See the standard DaemonSet installation and the docker-dd-agent information pages for further documentation.