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Symbol Database enhances the user experience of Dynamic Instrumentation by adding IDE-like features like search and autocomplete.

Symbol Database uploads nonsensitive symbols and metadata from your application to Datadog. The uploaded data includes the names of classes, methods, arguments, fields, and local variables, along with related metadata, like line numbers.

Getting started


Symbol Database requires the following:

Enable Symbol Database for your service

Select your runtime below:


Explore Symbol Database

With Symbol Database, the user experience of Dynamic Instrumentation is improved to behave more like an IDE.

Symbol Database provides search for class and method names:

Search for methods when creating a Dynamic Instrumentation log probe

When you select a method in the Dynamic Instrumentation configuration, the code for that method is displayed:

Symbol Database highlights the selected method

Symbol Database also provides autocomplete for log templates and other templates that use the Dynamic Instrumentation expression language:

Autocomplete suggestions for log templates

Further Reading

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