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DORA Metrics is in public beta.


To send your own incident events, use the DORA Metrics API. Incident events are used in order to compute change failure rate and mean time to restore.

Include the finished_at attribute in an incident event to mark that the incident is resolved. You can send events at the start of the incident and after incident resolution. Incident events are matched by the env, service, and started_at attributes.

The following attributes are required:

  • services or team (at least one must be present)
  • started_at

You can optionally add the following attributes to the incident events:

  • finished_at for resolved incidents. This attribute is required for calculating the time to restore service.
  • id for identifying incidents when they are created and resolved. This attribute is user-generated; when not provided, the endpoint returns a Datadog-generated UUID.
  • name to describe the incident.
  • severity
  • env to filter your DORA metrics by environment on the DORA Metrics page.
  • repository_url
  • commit_sha

See the DORA Metrics API reference documentation for the full spec and additional code samples.


curl -X POST "https://api./api/v2/dora/incident" \
  -H "Accept: application/json" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "DD-API-KEY: ${DD_API_KEY}" \
  -d @- << EOF
    "data": {
      "attributes": {
        "services": ["shopist"],
        "team": "shopist-devs",
        "started_at": 1693491974000000000,
        "finished_at": 1693491984000000000,
        "git": {
          "commit_sha": "66adc9350f2cc9b250b69abddab733dd55e1a588",
          "repository_url": ""
        "env": "prod",
        "name": "Web server is down failing all requests",
        "severity": "High"

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