DORA Metrics Data Collected

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DORA Metrics is in public beta.


DORA Metrics generates metrics for each one of the four core DORA Metrics, as well as events with associated tags and attributes that are available in the Events Explorer.

Default metrics

DORA Metrics provides the following default metrics:

dora.deployments.countcountThe number of deployments detected by Datadog based on your selected deployment data source.
dora.change_lead_timedistributionThe age in seconds of associated Git commits at the time of deployment.
dora.incidents_impactcountTracks the services or teams impacted by incidents. Used for change failure rate with the formula dora.incidents_impact / dora.deployments.count. A big time rollup of at least 1 week is recommended to account for the time difference between deployments and when the impact starts.
dora.time_to_restoredistributionThe time in seconds between an incident’s started_at and finished_at timestamps.

Default tags

All default metrics contain the following tags if any are available:

  • service
  • team
  • env
  • repository_id

Note: The severity tag is available for dora.incidents_impact and dora.time_to_restore metrics when it is provided by the failure’s data source.

For more information about using env, service, and version tags, see Getting Started with Tags.

Change lead time metrics

Datadog breaks down change lead time into the following metrics, which represent the different stages from commit creation to deployment.

dora.time_to_pr_readydurationTime from when the commit is created until the PR is ready for review. This metric is only available for commits that were made before the PR was marked as ready for review.
dora.review_timedurationTime from when the PR is marked ready for review until it receives the last approval. This metric is only available for commits that were made before the PR is approved.
dora.merge_timedurationTime from the last approval until the PR is merged.
dora.time_to_deploydurationTime from PR merge to start of deployment. If a commit does not have an associated PR, this metric is calculated as the time from commit creation to start of deployment.
dora.deploy_timedurationTime from start of deployment to end of deployment. This metric is not available if there is no deployment duration information.

These metrics are only computed when the source of the repository metadata is GitHub, and there must be a pull request (PR) associated with a commit, if any. A commit is associated with a PR if the commit is first introduced to the target branch when merging that PR. If a commit does not have an associated PR, only dora.time_to_deploy and dora.deploy_time metrics are available.

Note: These metrics are emitted for every commit and not per deployment.

Examine metrics in Event Management

Default DORA Metrics are available in the Events Explorer. To search and filter on your DORA Metrics events, navigate to Service Management > Event Management > Explorer and enter source:software_delivery_insights in the search query.

Events collected from DORA Metrics in the Events Explorer

These metrics can be queried programmatically by using the Query timeseries points and Query timeseries data across multiple products API endpoints with the source software_delivery_insights.

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