Incident Management is now generally available! Incident Management is now generally available!


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Before you begin

Before you begin the release process, you need your marketplace application approved by Datadog, access to the marketplace repo, a built integration, and you need to set up Datadog’s Developer toolkit, ddev.

Releasing your integration

Making a release requires the maintainer to update two files in the same pull request (PR).

  1. Update the file This file can be automatically updated by ddev using the following command:

    ddev release changelog <INTEGRATION_NAME> <VERSION>

    The command lists all merged PRs since the last release and creates a changelog entry based on the pull request labels. For changelog types, adhere to those defined by Keep a Changelog.

  2. Update the file Every Agent-based integration always has the same hierarchy of files, and the one and only source of truth for an integration version is always the datadog_checks/<INTEGRATION>/ file. For example, see the Aqua check. Updating the file is a manual process.

  3. Push these changes to a branch of the Datadog Marketplace repo and create a PR. When the PR is merged to master, a release is triggered with the specified version number in the file. A few moments later (~15min), the new release gets pushed to Datadog’s repository located here, and the integration can be installed using the command:

    sudo -u dd-agent datadog-agent integration install --third-party datadog-<INTEGRATION_NAME>==X.Y.Z