The Datadog Marketplace is a digital marketplace where Datadog Technology Partners can list their offerings to Datadog users. Datadog customers can access integration tiles on the Integrations page or the Marketplace page.

The Datadog Marketplace page

While the Integrations page includes integrations and Datadog Apps built by Datadog and Technology Partners at no cost, the Marketplace page is a commercial platform for Datadog customers and Technology Partners to buy and sell a variety of offerings including Agent-based or API-based integrations, Datadog Apps, software, and professional services.

Join the Datadog partner network

Before requesting access to the Datadog Marketplace, first apply to join the Datadog Partner Network’s Technology Partners track. As a Datadog Technology Partner, you can either develop an Agent-based or API integration or a Datadog App, or list your SaaS license or professional services offering.

Apply for a sandbox account

All Technology Partners can request a dedicated sandbox Datadog account to aid in their development.

To request a sandbox account:

  1. Log into the Datadog Partner Portal.
  2. On your personal homepage, click on the Learn More button under Sandbox Access.
  3. Select Request Sandbox Upgrade.
If you are already a member of a Datadog organization (including a trial org), you may need to switch to your newly created sandbox. For more information, see the Account Management documentation.

Creating a developer sandbox may take up to one or two business days. Once your sandbox is created, you can invite new members from your organization to collaborate with.

Explore learning resources

Once you’ve joined the Technology Partners track and requested a sandbox account, you can start learning about developing Datadog integrations and additional offerings by:

List an offering on Marketplace

All Technology Partners can list a free integration on the Integrations page or a commercial offering on the Marketplace page. Additional offerings on Datadog Marketplace may include:

Marketplace integrations that submit or pull third-party data through the Datadog Agent or an API. These integrations contain out-of-the-box metrics, events, or service checks.
Software licenses
SaaS licenses enable you to deliver and license software solutions to customers through the Datadog Marketplace.
UI extensions or applications
An application (such as a Datadog App) with a tile-only listing on the Datadog Marketplace.
Professional services
Professional services enable you to offer your team’s services for implementation, support, or management for a set period of time.

Request access to Marketplace

To request access to the private Marketplace repository, email A Marketplace offering requires files and information such as pricing plans. Once you have been granted access, you can review an example pull request in the Marketplace repository with annotations and best practices.

To get started with creating an offering on the Datadog Marketplace, see Develop a Marketplace Offering.

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