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API and DogStatsD Client Libraries

The following table lists Datadog-official and community contributed API and DogStatsD client libraries. A few libraries support both the API and DogStatsD, but most focus on one or the other.

language library Official API DogStatsD Author Notes
Arduino ArduinoStatsd Alexander Else
C++ cpp-datadogstatsd BoardiesITSolutions Send metrics from your C++ applications to your Datadog account.
DogFood Garrett Sickles C++ header library to send metrics to your Datadog account.
C# / .NET dogstatsd-csharp-client Datadog
DatadogSharp Yoshifumi Kawai Also supports APM.
Clojure clojure-statsd-client Unbounce A DogStatsD client for Clojure.
Crystal Mike Fiedler
Delphi datadog-delphi Rodrigo Farias Rezino
Elixir dogstatsd-elixir Adam Kittelson
ex-datadog-plug Tyr Chen, Tubi A plug for logging response times.
mtx N2O Ecosystem
statix Aleksei Magusev
Go datadog-go Datadog
godspeed Tim Heckman
xstats Olivier Poitrey
go-datadog-api Mark Smith from Dropbox
Haskell Haskell Datadog Client Ian Duncan
Java java-dogstatsd-client Datadog
Lassie Bazaarvoice Only for creating screenboards.
java-dogstatsd-client Arnab Karmakar A fork of Indeed's java-dogstatsd-client; supports events and blocking metrics.
metrics-datadog Coursera A reporting bridge between Dropwizard metrics and Datadog.
dogstatd-client Chas Honton
Lambda serverless-datadog-metrics Dante Consulting, Inc. This library logs useful metrics from AWS Lambda functions, so that they can be accumulated via Datadog's AWS Lambda integration.
NiFi DataDogReportingTask Apache Publishes metrics from NiFi to Datadog.
Node.js hot-shots Brightcove
node-dogstatsd Young Han Lee
node-dogapi Brett Langdon
datadog-metrics Daniel Bader
Perl webservice-datadog Jennifer Pinkham
dogstatsd-perl Stefan Goethals
PHP php-datadogstatsd Alex Corley
dog-statsd A fork of thephpleague/statsd with additional Datadog features by Graze.
Python datadogpy Datadog Also includes an API client CLI tool, 'dog'.
R datadogr A simple R package to query for metrics.
rdog Alexis Lê-Quôc An R package to analyze Datadog metrics into R.
Racket racket-dogstatsd DarrenN A DogStatsD client for Racket.
Ruby DogApi Datadog
dogstatsd-ruby Datadog
Scala datadog-scala Cory Watson
Swift SwiftDog Jacob Aronoff

APM (Tracing) Client Libraries

The following table lists Datadog-official and community contributed Trace client libraries.

language library Official Author Notes
.NET dd-trace-dotnet Datadog NuGet package is `Datadog.Trace`.
DatadogSharp Yoshifumi Kawai Also supports DogStatsD.
Elixir spandex Zach Daniel
Go dd-trace-go Datadog Go package 'tracer'.
dd-go-opentracing Gustavo Chaín OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Datadog in Go.
datadog-go Matt Ho OpenTracing Tracer implementation for Datadog in Go.
Java dd-trace-java Datadog Java package 'tracer'.
apm-client Chas Honton
Node.js dd-trace-js Datadog OpenTracing API implementation in JavaScript for Node.js.
PHP dd-trace-php Datadog composer package is 'datadog/dd-trace'.
Python dd-trace-py Datadog pip package is called 'ddtrace'.
Ruby dd-trace-rb Datadog gem is called 'ddtrace'.

Datadog Client Community Libraries

Dashboards Backup

Using Datadog APIs, it’s possible to write a script to backup your Dashboard definitions as code. See the following projects as examples of how these backups can be accomplished:

Language Library Author
JavaScript dog-watcher Brightcove
Ruby doggy Shopify
Ruby kennel Zendesk

Managing Monitors

There are multiple community projects available to maintain, manage, or backup monitors using the Datadog API:

Language Library Author
Python DogPush TrueAccord
Ruby barkdog codenize-tools
Ruby interferon Airnb
Ruby dogwatch Rapid7
Terraform Terraform Terraform

Community Integrations


In addition to the official Ansible integration, the monitoring section of the ansible-modules-extras repository contains modules that interact with Datadog.


Enclave delivers your metrics to a Datadog account. Consult the dedicated Aptible help center to learn how.


This extension takes your Auth0 logs and ships them to Datadog.

CLI Management

A set of tools to backup/restore dashboards and monitors, and configure users via a command line interface.


Publish consul service counts into Datadog via DogStatsD with this library.


Scale up auto-scale groups based on the results of a Datadog query with Dogscaler.


This plugin sends any Dynatrace measure from a chart to Datadog.


This is for a FreeSwitch ESL application to export statistics to Datadog using the DogStatsD API and is written by WiMacTel.

Google Analytics

You can get data into Datadog from Google Analytics via the Datadog API with this library from Bithaus.


Heroku emits dyno metrics via logs. To convert these logs into metrics and send them to Datadog, use one of the following log drains. To send your Heroku logs to Datadog, see the documentation.


A tool to poll data from Jira and upload it as metrics to Datadog.

Logstash Output


A Moogsoft listener that ingests Datadog notifications.



Phusion Passenger

Send health metrics from Phusion’s Passenger server using the passenger-datadog-monitor written by Stevenson Jean-Pierre


This library allows you to generate process information from StatsD, given pid files. It was created by GitterHQ.



Use these Sensu handlers to automatically send both metrics and events to Datadog.


This StackStorm Datadog integration pack supplies action integration for Datadog.


A Winston Datadog transport.

Community Agent Ports



If you’ve written a Datadog library and would like to add it to this page, send an email to