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I want my application deployed in a container through Elastic Beanstalk to talk to DogStatsD

Beanstalk allows you to deploy only a single container per instance, and it also doesn’t support Docker links.

Thus, it is not obvious how to have your application talk to the DogStatsD server when deploying it on AWS via Elastic Beanstalk.

Datadog suggests the following workaround:

  1. Expose the DogStatsD server port when you run the dd-agent container.
  2. Use the Docker bridge IP address to send data from within a container to this port.

See this external blog post for more details on achieving this type of network traffic.

If you choose to follow this workaround, putting dd-agent inside a container is not necessary. Put it on the Docker host by following the instructions in this Datadog blog post.

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