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How to remove the host tag when submitting metrics via DogStatsD

In some cases you may want to take advantage of the features available with DogStatsD but do not necessarily need to view the metrics broken down by a host tag or may be looking to reduce the number of tags on a given metric.

To remove the host tag from being applied when submitting metrics via DogStatsD you can set the host tag to nothing as seen here:

from datadog import statsd
from random import randint

statsd.gauge('metric.test', randint(0,100), tags=['host:', 'box:vagrant'])

This results in metric.test being reported without a host tag and only box:vagrant as the only tag.

Refer to Datadog’s custom metrics documentation for more information.

Note: When removing the host tag, you are removing a unique identifier for the submission of custom metrics. When two datapoints are submitted with the same timestamp/metric/tag combination and do not have unique identifiers, the last received/processed value overwrites the value stored. To avoid this edge case, ensure that no host is submitting the same exact metric/tag combination at any given timestamp.

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