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How to post AppDynamics events to Datadog

This article allows you to submit events from your AppDynamics Application into your Datadog Event stream.
Note: This plug-in was written by the team at AppDynamics and is not supported by Datadog. Should you encounter any issues contact the AppDynamics Support team

Prerequisites: Running AppDynamics 4.1 or later

First, create a Datadog Policy Single Violation Only HTTP Template:

"title": "${latestEvent.displayName} - ${} ",
"text": "${latestEvent.summaryMessage} ${latestEvent.guid} ${latestEvent.eventTypeKey} Policy Name - ${} Policy ID - ${}  Policy Digest : ${policy.digest} ${policy.digestDurationInMins} ",
"aggregation_key":" ${} ", 

Latest Event:

"title": "${latestEvent.displayName}",
"text": "${latestEvent.summaryMessage} ${latestEvent.eventTypeKey}",
"aggregation_key":"${latestEvent.guid}", "tags":["guid:${latestEvent.guid}","eventid:${}","environment:${Environment}","os:${OS}","platform:${Platform}"] 

You can use also use Email Templates:

"title": "AppDynamicsEvent",
"text": "ApplicationChangeEvent",
"priority": "normal",
"tags": ["os:windows"],
"alert_type": "info"
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