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Developer Tools

This section includes technical details, code examples, and reference documentation to help get you up and running quickly.

Custom Checks

Wondering how to report your own custom Checks? Start with the sections on Agent Checks and Prometheus Checks, which contain tons of configuration and code examples. From there, move on to the DogStatsD section to learn how to use the metrics aggregation service built in to the Agent itself.


When you are ready to take your data collection to the next level, head to the Integrations section, which walks you through the nuts and bolts of building a fully-fledged Integration for your favorite application or service.


Looking to know more about Datadog resources for your favorite language or platform? The Libraries section contains a list of official and community-contributed API and DogStatsD client libraries, APM & Distributed Tracing libraries, and externally-supported community Integrations for a wide variety of platforms.


Our Metrics section is a deep-dive into the heart of Metrics at Datadog. This section explains the different types of Metrics, what they represent, and how they are used throughout the Datadog ecosystem. You can also head directly to the Custom Metrics section to learn more about using your own tailor-made metrics.

Office Hours

Finally, don’t miss out on the regular Datadog Office Hours, which is your opportunity to chat directly with in-house engineers about developing for Datadog.

Thanks for stopping by-and welcome to the contributor community!