Setting up Postgres

Postgres versions supported

Self-hostedAmazon RDSAmazon AuroraGoogle Cloud SQLAzure
Postgres 9.6
Postgres 10
Postgres 11
Postgres 12
Postgres 13
Postgres 14
Postgres 15
Postgres 16

For setup instructions, select your hosting type:

Agent integration overhead

Agent integration overhead tests were run on an Amazon EC2 machine c5.xlarge instance (4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM). The database used for the tests was a PostgreSQL 14.10 instance running on an Amazon RDS db.m5.large instance (2 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM). The database was running a TPC-C workload with 20 warehouses.

SettingCollection Interval
Check Min Collection Interval15s
Query Metrics Collection Interval10s
Query Samples Collection Interval10s
Settings Collection Interval600s
Schema Collection Interval600s
  • Agent Test version: 7.50.2
  • CPU: ~1% of the CPU used on average
  • Memory: ~300 MiB of RAM used (RSS memory)
  • Network bandwidth: ~30 KB/s ▼ | 30 KB/s ▲
  • Agent query overhead on database: ~1% CPU Time