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Shared graphs and screenboards allow you to display metric, trace, and log visualizations outside of Datadog.



To share a graph from a Timeboard or Screenboard:

  1. For the graph you want to share, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Under the Graph your data section, select the Share tab.
  3. Pick a timeframe for your graph.
  4. Pick a graph size.
  5. Choose to include the legend or not.
  6. Get the embed code with the Generate embed code button.


To revoke the keys used to share individual (embedded) graphs:

  1. Navigate to Integrations -> Embeds to see a list of all shared graphs.
  2. Click on the Revoke button next to the graph you want to stop sharing.
  3. The graph is moved to the Revoked list.



Share an entire screenboard by generating a public URL:

  1. On the screenboard’s page, click the settings cog in the upper right.
  2. Choose the Generate public URL option.
  3. If the global time selector is active, choose the global time setting for the public screenboard.
  4. Copy the URL and click Done.

The created URL has live, read-only access to the contents of that specific screenboard.

Note: Screenboard template variable selectors are not present on the public screenboard. The template variables’ values are the default values set in Datadog. Additionally, widgets based on APM and log queries do not display data on public screenboards.


To revoke a shared screenboard:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard List.
  2. Select the screenboard you want to revoke access to.
  3. Click on the settings cog in the upper right.
  4. Click Configure sharing.
  5. Click Revoke public URL.

Applying restrictions

You can restrict access on a per IP address basis to your screenboard. Email Datadog support to enable the IP address white listing feature that allows administrators to provide a list of IP addresses that have access to shared screenboards. Once enabled, manage your restrictions on your organization’s security page.

Dark mode

Dark mode is available on public screenboards for individual users. Click the sun or moon icon in the upper right to toggle between modes. Additionally, the URL parameter theme is available. The possible values are dark and light.

TV mode

TV mode is available on public screenboards. Use the keyboard shortcut F or click the TV icon in the upper right.


Datadog has a dedicated API allowing you to interact with your shared graphs (embeds):

Get all embedsGet a list of previously created embeddable graphs.
Create embedCreates a new embeddable graph.
Get specific embedGet the HTML fragment for a previously generated embed with embed_id.
Enable embedEnable the specified embed.
Revoke embedRevoke the specified embed.

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