DDSQL Expressions and Operators

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Value expressions are the general expression language used to produce values for conditions, SELECT expressions, filters, and clauses like WHERE, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY. The expression syntax of DDSQL is a superset of SQL expression syntax.

Arithmetic operators

DDSQL supports standard binary and unary infix arithmetic notation from SQL and many other languages:

+addition2 + 35
-subtraction2 - 3-1
*multiplication2 * 36
/division (non-truncating)5 / 22.5

The standard order of operations applies. To control the order of operations, add parentheses: (5 - 2) * 3.

Comparison operators

DDSQL implements the following comparison operators:

>greater than2 > 3false
<less than2 < 3true
>=greater than or equals3 >= 2true
<=less than or equals3 <= 2false
=equals*3 = 3true
!=, <>not equals3 != 3false

For tag references and tag groups, the equality operator (=) is treated as a “contains” comparison. See the Querying Tags in DDSQL for more details.

Additionally, DDSQL supports the following SQL keywords, which function as standard boolean operators:

  • NOT
  • AND
  • OR

DDSQL also supports the following comparator keywords as they are defined in the SQL standard:

  • LIKE
  • IN and NOT IN

DDSQL supports the BETWEEN keyword such that a BETWEEN x AND y is equivalent to a >= x AND a <= y. See the Postgres documentation for BETWEEN for details.

Logical operators

ANDBoolean logic, a & b
ORBoolean logic, a || b
XORBoolean logic, a ^ b
NOTBoolean logic, !a
IS NULLReturns true for each row that is null