DDSQL Data Types

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Data types

DDSQL implements a simplified version of the SQL type system that is mostly descended from SQLite.

Base types

SQL nameAliasesDescription
integerintStorage is always int64.
decimalPrecision and scale may be ignored. DDSQL implements the decimal type as floating point, rather than fixed point.
textchar, varchar, jsonStorage is always unlimited-length UTF-8.
realdoubleStorage is always IEEE-754 float64.
timestamptimestamp without time zoneSQL standard datetime type.
grouphstore, tag_columnSorted set of strings with tag-like “= is contains” semantics.
booleanTRUE or FALSE


The table below contains examples on how to declare literals for each type, for use in expressions like SELECT <LITERAL> or in comparisons like WHERE timestamp > timestamp '1 hr ago'.

integer1, 4, 23901239412, 0x4B1D
text'Hello, world'
real1.0, 1e30, 314e-2, .25, 5.
datedate <DATE_STRING> (where DATE_STRING is a string that can be parsed into a date, or a relative string like 1 day ago')