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With DDSQL Editor, you can get deeper visibility into your infrastructure by querying your resources with natural language or with DDSQL, a dialect of SQL with additional support for querying tags.

The result of a SQL query shown on the DDSQL page in Datadog

Query in natural language

Type your question into the search box, and Datadog builds the SQL query for you.

A query inputted into the natural language search box

Use SQL syntax (DDSQL)

Get exactly the data you want by writing your own SELECT statement. Query tags as if they are standard table columns.

SELECT instance_type, count(instance_type)
FROM aws_ec2_instance
WHERE env = 'staging' -- env is a tag, not a column
GROUP BY instance_type

Explore your infrastructure data

View and filter the list of tables and fields in the schema side panel:

A list of available tables

Click a table name to view its columns and relationships:

The details of a table, including its columns and relationships

Save and share queries

Save useful queries, or export the data as CSV.

A query result with the save and export actions shown

Browse and re-run saved queries in the side panel.

A list of saved queries