Dashboard Layout

Dashboard Layout

Dashboards are on a next-gen grid based layout which can include a variety of objects such as images, graphs, and logs. They are commonly used as status boards or storytelling views that update in real-time or represent fixed points in the past. They also work well for debugging.

To switch from the Timeboard layout to the Dashboard layout, use Pick Layout in the cog menu and select Grid.

High-density mode

High-density mode displays group widgets in a dashboard side-by-side for increased widget density. This mode turns on by default for on large screens for dashboards that use group widgets.

For overlay search options, see the Timeboards Layout documentation.

Graph menu

For graph menu options, see the Timeboards Layout documentation.

Tips and tricks

  • Click on a widget icon to add it to the dashboard without dragging (keyboard shortcuts N and shift+N also do this)
  • Double click the bottom left or bottom right resize handle on a widget to instantly fill any empty, adjacent space
  • Click and drag from any empty space to use the lasso tool
  • When multiple widgets are selected, an action menu appears with bulk-actions
  • Press cmd+G or ctrl+G to group selected widgets
  • Use the dashboard header cog menu to open or collapse all groups on a dashboard

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